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by Johan Vanbeselaere (Belgium)
based on the work of Toshimi Taki (Japan) and David Chandler (USA),
Luc Arnold (France) and  Richard Schwartz (California) ,
to the memory of André Couder (France 1897-1979)
who was the first to study systematically primary mirror supports.

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This program helps you choosing on how many points (3, 9, 18) a mirror should be supported in function of it's thickness !
It should be said that these systems are not the very best, in fact only first approximations how your mirror should be supported.
Richard Schwartz is working on the FEM-design of better flotation systems for amateurs !
You must have a look at the brand new site of David Lewis !!!
Click on the transpirating working man upperright for info about an e-mail list related to mirrorcelldesign !
Last updated july 98.

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