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Amateur Solar Observers' Sites

Amateur Solar Observatory - "Schothorst" (Bob van Slooten - The Netherlands)
Welcome to a Robotic Solar telescope (Mike Rushford - USA)
Solar page( Solar page of Art Whipple , USA , superb solar photography )
Solar page( Solar page of Peter Meadows , Essex, England , Solar disk drawings, disk animation's from recent observations)
Big Woodchuck Weekend Solar Observatory ( Solar page of Larry Mc Henry , USA )
Starfiled Observatory ( Solar page of Sue and Steve Rismiller, USA )Picture of the Mercury transit of 15 nov. !!!
Couic-cam , Soleil et lune ( Sun and moon )( Solar page Jean Michel Thill, Saint-Gilles , France )Solar (and lunar)pictures whit a modifyed quickcam camera.(French and Englisch site)
Pauls astropage( Some great pictures and animated gifs of prominences .)The Netherlands
Outer Space-Inner Space( Solar page of Kevin and Monica Smith, U.K. )Digital solar photography
Solar page ( page of Anthony & Christopher Seal , U.K. ) Solar images made in H alfa !!
Solar page( page of Vic Winter , U.S.A. ) Superb prominences and images made in H alfa !!
Solar page ( page of Sylvain Weiller, France ) The whole solardisk on the ccd of the toUCam Pro !!
Mirabilis observatory ( page of Lise and Rémi , Canada ) Very nice sunspotdrawings !
Solar page ( page of Gema Araujo , Spain ) Very good solar site !
Solar page ( page of Paul Hyndman, USA ) Very good solar photography !
Solar page ( page of André Gabriel , Belgium ) very nice prominence photography !
Solar page ( page of Kent H. Manno ) drawings and solar photography !
Solar page ( page of Jean Louis Badin ) Superb solar images with a Solarmax 60 and 90!!
Solar analemma ( page of Anthony Ayiomamitis ) Solar analemma , you must see this !!

Solar Filters

Daystar filters
Coronado Instruments Group
Thousand Oaks filters
Lumicon Products
Baader filters
Baader Herchel wedge

Amateur Solar Ecuipment

Contruction of a coronograph( page of André and Sylvain Rondi ) Very good French site !!
The SUN GUN web site

Amateur spectroheliographs and spectrohelioscopes

Westland Spectrohelioscope web page
The Spectrohelioscope The History and Operation of an interesting Solar Observing Instrument By Fred Veio and Leonard Higgins
Observer le Soleil avec un spectroheliographe de Philippe Rousselle ( Very good French site )
Observe the Sun with a spectroheliograph by Philippe Rousselle( Same as above, but in Englisch )
Site about a spectrohelioscope of Mr. Toshio Ohnishi of Japan, including PDF file containing the book on shs from Fred Veio

Real time transmission of solar images

Webcam of BASS 2000 Real time video images of the Sun (white light) in the sky of Meudon , France
Live H-alpha solar images usually up during daylight hours in the US

Solar Data and Resources

International Solar Terrestrial Physics (ISTP)
Solar Data Analysis Centre (SDAC)
Space Environment Centre (SEC)
SEC Current Solar Forecast
Sunspot Index Data Centre (SIDC)

Solar Observatories

Mt. Wilson Observatory
National Solar Observatory, Sacramento Peak

Solar Spacecraft

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

Web pages of personal friends

Astrophotography in Flanders (Page of Geert Vandebulcke Oostduinkerke Belgium , Astrophotography)
Astrophotography by Hubert Degroote (Page of Hubert Degroote Vlamertinge Belgium , Astrophotography)
Amateur telescope making (Page of Johan Vanbeselaere, Poelkapelle Belgium , about telescope making )

Astronomy a lot of astronomy here !
Stichting Weer- en Sterrenkunde Eemsmond Very nice Dutch site !

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