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Marijke Van Denneheuvel

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In one of her first letters to me , Marijke wrote:
Tonight , by the sound of the rain on the pond I was thinking about the past. 63 years ago I was reading a book from my mothers library about solar prominences. Then I didn't know that on the age of 72 years I would make my first images of these wonderfull prominences with my own coronograph.
Now Marijke is 76 years and still observing the wonderfull things she dream'd about in her childhood.
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All my pictures between 1999 / 2001
Refractor: 80 mm.Ø; f/ 15; H-alpha filter 8,5 Ångström (0,85 nanometer)
1/125 – 1/500 sec. on Kodak TP 2415. Processed: HC 110 (B) 12 min. 20° C
My intention is to show, that you needn't travel to the south of France (or elsewhere).
These pictures in Amsterdam !!! (The Netherlands)
Of course with patience waiting for a clear sky. And photographing between the clouds!! A challenge!!
Marijke van Denneheuvel
Amsterdam The Netherlands
Marijke van Denneheuvel.

...On my balcony, thr 5th floor, my telescope: with my sons my best friends...

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