Report and images of a large prominence on 2 and 3 may 2004
Using the coronado ASM 40 of Astrolab Iris and a 125mm F20 refractor

Oberserver form of Monthy Leventhal , his comments :
Today's Solar diagram shows an unusual event on the South Eastern limb. For the past 36 hours a nice Hedgerow Prominence was visible which stretched across the limb to about 391,000 kilometers and appeared quite stable. Suddenly the northern half of the prominence collapsed and the southern half erupted into space and became highly active. It is known that the early stages of a Prominence may take days, then as it rises above 50,000 km., it will erupt within 48 hours.
This is the first time I have actually seen it happen.

Image of the big prominence seen on the morning of 2 may taken with the Coronado ASM40 and a b&w webcam .

Enlarged image !

The same field about 24 hours later, a huge faint prominence is visible , one of the most extended I ever seen. Only the brightest parts are visible on the picture but in the eyepiece ( 83X ) the view was breathtaking.

The most bright part of the remains of the big prominence in the morning of 3 may at 08.14 U.T.
The whole eruption was filmed bij the National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak.
Following images are taken from that movie.

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